priyaflorenceshahBlogging for business success and as a way of life . . .

Priya Florence Shah is a passionate blogger who foresaw the power of content-driven marketing during the very early days of the Internet. What started as a hobby gradually became a passion, blossoming into BlogBrandz in 2004. Since then, BlogBrandz has helped numerous businesses around the world find their niche and cultivate loyal customers through proven blogging strategies.

Priya is a postgraduate in journalism, advertising and public relations from Bombay University. She is a gifted writer and passionate publisher, having authored several books on entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, health, and other important themes. Her publications are listed on Amazon.com and Flipkart.com.

As an internet marketer and entrepreneur who started her first online business in 2001, Priya deeply believes in the Golden Rule. Her desire to reach out to people and improve their quality of life prompted her to start numerous online magazines and niche blogs. The most popular among them are Naaree.com and LovingYourChild.com, which have helped countless readers find greater fulfillment in life.


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